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Meet Amazing Americans Activists & Reformers Jane Addams
Cartoon 'The Strangest of Infatuations,' 1918(?).
During World War I, newspaper cartoons like this one made fun of pacifists like Jane Addams.

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Jane Addams, the Peacemaker
Jane Addams was a peacemaker even when she was criticized for her views. She taught, wrote, and lectured about peace both nationally and internationally. Before World War I, Addams was probably the most beloved woman in America. In a newspaper poll that asked, "Who among our contemporaries are of the most value to the community?" Jane Addams was second, after Thomas Edison (another "Amazing American"). When she opposed America's involvement in World War I, however, newspaper editors called her a traitor and a fool, but she never changed her mind. Have you ever believed you were right about something, when most people thought you were wrong?
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