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Meet Amazing Americans Activists & Reformers Cesar Chavez
Photo of farm workers during a strike in Delano, California
Women farm workers on the picket line in 1966

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Cesar Chavez Organizes Agricultural Workers
The strike that started in 1965 lasted for five years and inspired a nationwide boycott of California grapes that was supported throughout the country. There was another grape boycott in the mid-'70s, which forced growers to support the 1975 Agricultural Labor Relations Act - a collective bargaining law for farm workers. Under the leadership of Chavez and Huerta, the UFWOC fought grape producers for better working conditions through nonviolent tactics such as protest marches, strikes, and boycotts. These tactics were usually successful and ended with the signing of bargaining agreements between the farm workers and the growers. Have you ever tried bargaining with someone for something you wanted? Were you successful?
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