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See, Hear and Sing Animation
Snow White from the classic Disney film
Animation came a long way in just a few years.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Animation
To make an 8-minute cartoon with drawings, you would need: 7,000 sheets of paper or 7,000 sheets of celluloid, 150 sheets of cardboard on which to paint backgrounds, 50 felt-tip pens, 10 quill pens, 50 pencils, five erasers, 20 brushes, 2.5 gallons of paint, 1/2 pint of ink, 3,600 feet of black-and-white film to film the preliminary "pencil test", and 720 feet of color film to film the final cartoon. You also need a staff of writers to write a script; artists and animators; a director (just like you do for a movie); voice actors to play the various roles; musicians; sound and camera equipment; and a great deal of time and energy! Then how would all that become a cartoon?
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