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See, Hear and Sing Animation
Opening screen of “You're the Animator” game
You've read about animation – now do it yourself!

The Nuts and Bolts of Animation
Once you had your cartoon written, illustrated, and the music and voices recorded, it would be ready for animation. The animation must be perfectly matched to the dialog, and the filming must be at the right speed to appear smooth to the human eye. The minimum frame rate at which your eye can perceive smooth movement is 24 frames per second (fps). Any less than that and your movie would appear to flicker, like old, silent movies filmed at only 16 fps. Would you like to make your own cartoons some day?
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CREDIT: Lamolinara, Guy; Loring, Jennifer; Purvis, Chris; Renard, Chad; Sayers, John; et. al. "You're the Animator" flash game. 2004. Public Affairs Office, Library of Congress.