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Three Roosters Sitting on Cracker Box.
Animal sounds, like the ones made by these roosters, were popular for mimics to imitate

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Donald Leach performing "Imitations of Animals," in 1941

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How old do you think most mimics were? Would you believe that some were just kids? Although some mimics were adult professionals and made a living performing, some youngsters did imitations just for fun. Donald Leach was an amateur mimic whose specialty was imitating animals. He was just six years old when he made the recording that you can listen to here. The sounds he mimicked were probably things he heard frequently. From these sounds, what can you guess about his life and where he lived?
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CREDIT: Penfield, Edward, artist. "Three Roosters Sitting on Cracker Box." Between 1884 and 1925. Cabinet of American Illustration, Prints and Photographs, Library of Congress.
AUDIO CREDIT: Leach, Donald, performer. "Imitations of Animals." 1941/08/24. Voices from the Dust Bowl: the Charles L. Todd and Robert Sonkin Migrant Worker Collection, 1940-1941, Library of Congress.