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Hull House WPA Poster
At Hull House, people could learn to paint, draw, sculpt -- or play the piano.

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Opportunities at the Hull House

Solly took piano lessons at Hull House, while his parents learned to speak English in the language class. During a Hull House party, Solly and his family met Jane Addams. Solly's father told Jane that he had never heard his son play the piano. "Well, that is too bad," Addams said. "I must see that you hear him soon." A week later, Solly brought home a card announcing his piano recital at the Hull House Music School. At the concert, tears rolled down Solly's father's face as he heard his son play. The teacher proclaimed, "I think Solly will be a great musician."

Stories like this one were the reason that Jane Addams founded Hull House in the first place. She wanted to create a place where people who didn't have much money were able to have access to programs and learning that they would otherwise never be able to afford. So kids like Solly were able to learn to play the piano and make his father proud. What things have you learned or done that made your parents proud?

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