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Writing About the Ocean

Have you heard of ecology? You may know about it because of Carson. Carson was an ecologist, which means that she studied how all living things and their environments are part of the ecosystem. This way of thinking may seem obvious today, but Carson helped make it popular by writing books like The Sea Around Us where she described how marine life and the ocean environment were interconnected. In fact, Carson believed the ocean was essential to all life. She wrote, "The very form and nature of our world has been shaped and modified by the sea... All life everywhere carries with it the impress of its marine origin."

Carson changed how people thought about the environment. She helped teach people that humans, like all other living things, are part of the ecosystem; humans can affect it and be affected by it. Carson was concerned about pollution in the ocean. People had dumped radioactive waste into the deepest parts of the ocean because they thought it couldn't do any harm there. After reading Carson's books, however, many people were convinced that the environment, including the ocean, should be protected.

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