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Keller as a young woman with Alexander Graham Bell
Keller as a young woman with Alexander Graham Bell

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Meeting President and Mrs. Coolidge

Most people never meet even one president. Others meet as many as they can. Helen Keller met every United States president from Grover Cleveland to John Kennedy. That's a dozen presidents! She met her first president, Grover Cleveland, when she was only seven years old.

On Jan 11, 1926 Keller met President Calvin Coolidge. President Coolidge was a quiet and shy man. People called him "Silent Cal". He was known to have said "I have never been hurt by anything I didn't say." and "No man ever listened himself out of a job." Keller was charming and enjoyed socializing. Her unique joy of life inspired many people. What do you think happened when Keller and Coolidge met?

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