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Keller holding flowers
Keller holding flowers

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The Other Senses

What would life be like if you couldn't see or hear? Helen Keller could help you imagine it. Her most popular stories described what it was like to rely on touch and smell instead of sight and sound. She wrote a book, The World I Live In, and many magazine articles about her experiences as a blind and deaf person.

Keller believed that most people took their senses for granted. She said that those that can see "see little." Keller had a friend who, after a long walk in the woods, said she saw "Nothing in particular." She had other friends who looked at the sky only to see if it was raining, instead of enjoying the beauty. Without sight or hearing, Keller experienced the world by paying attention to things that most people didn't notice. When someone asked her, "'Aren't the days and the hours all alike to you?'" she responded, "Never! My days are all different, and no hour is quite like another." How could she tell?

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