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Meet Amazing Americans Leaders & Statesmen George C. Marshall
Photograph of George C. Marshall as Secretary of State.
George C. Marshall served as Secretary of State under President Harry S. Truman.

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Marshall and McCarthyism
Did you know that George C. Marshall, the Army chief of staff during World War II, was accused of associating with traitors in part because he had developed a plan to help the nations of Europe, even our enemies, recover from the war? Marshall came under attack in the years immediately following the war, when many Americans felt threatened by world events that included a communist victory in China, the explosion of a nuclear bomb and the domination of Eastern Europe by the Soviet Union, and a full-scale war in Korea. Marshall, as secretary of state and later as secretary of defense under President Harry S. Truman, was subjected to intense personal assaults from those who sought political gain in this climate of fear.
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