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Meet Amazing Americans Leaders & Statesmen George S. Patton Jr.
Photo of soldiers evicting World War I veterans.
Soldiers evicting World War I veterans from their camps along Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, D.C., 1932.

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Patton and the Bonus March of 1932
One of the first federal officers to arrive in Washington, D.C., was Major George S. Patton. His cavalry troops met up with infantry at the Ellipse, near the White House. Patton and the federal troops, equipped with gas masks, bayonets and sabers, marched up Pennsylvania Avenue, firing gas grenades and charging and subduing the angry crowd. Later that night, Patton and the federal troops cleared out the marchers' camp in Anacostia, with some tents and shacks catching fire in the process. By the following morning, most marchers had left Washington, but the incident left bitter memories and affected Patton deeply. He called it the "most distasteful form of service" and later wrote several papers on how federal troops could restore order quickly with the least possible bloodshed.
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