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Meet Amazing Americans Leaders & Statesmen George S. Patton Jr.
Photo of General George S. Patton during the invasion of Sicily, 1943.
Lieutenant General George S. Patton (center, with helmet) and other Allied leaders inspect the Sicilian invasion force.

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A Great Commander Loses His Temper
Did you know that George S. Patton was in danger of being fired during World War II? After reorganizing, re-energizing, and leading American troops to victory in the North African desert, Lieutenant General Patton was placed in command of the U.S. Seventh Army in the summer of 1943. Patton's army, in cooperation with the British Eighth Army under General Bernard Montgomery, invaded the island of Sicily, in Italy, in July 1943, and quickly took the city of Palermo and then part of Messina. The joint American and British campaign in Sicily was a dramatic success and lasted only 38 days.
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