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Photo of children dancing
Sarah Schreiber and Dennis Wessel performing a Laendler at the 1999 Oktoberfest

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Delaware Saengerbund Oktoberfest
A Local Legacy

What do you think the children in the photo are doing? They are doing a German-style dance in traditional costumes.

Every year, Oktoberfest is celebrated in Delaware by the Delaware Saengerbund. The original Oktoberfest celebration began in a part of Germany called Bavaria in 1810. In October of that year the crown prince Ludwig married Princess Theresia, and the public was invited to the wedding celebration. It became an annual event, and today Oktoberfests are held all over the world.

The Delaware Saengerbund is a German-American singing and social club that was started in the mid-1800s for German immigrants who had come to America. It was a way for people to share their culture in their newly adopted country. The Delaware celebration of Oktoberfest is three days of German singing, dancing, music and, of course, eating.

Unlike most Oktoberfests, which are held in October, the one in Delaware is held in September. Can you guess why? Because the weather is warmer then!

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