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Photo of veterans chatting in audience
Veterans chat before the program begins, November 11, 1999

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Central High School: A Salute to Morgan County Veterans
A Local Legacy

Every American owes a great deal to those who have served in the military. Many Americans have given their lives in service to their country and we honor them on Veterans' Day.

For years, Veterans' Day in Wartburg, Tennessee, was celebrated at Central High School every November 11 with local veterans from the American Legion who would stop by and put on a program, educating students about the people who served their country. But by the early 1990s, the tradition had faded and it wasn't revived until 1999.

This time, the students themselves were responsible for the tribute at their school. With the help of their teacher, Jean Carson, they interviewed local war veterans and then researched, planned, and organized the event. They put together a booklet with the names of all Morgan County veterans. When they put on the Veterans' Day celebration, veterans, students, teachers, and other community members came. Two World War II veterans addressed the crowd, speaking on their war experiences and the benefits of a career in the military. The school choir and band performed patriotic songs.

Visitors could see military uniforms, medals, photos, and other memorabilia that were on display. The program not only helped honor those who had served in the military, but also gave the students a chance to meet local veterans and hear their stories firsthand. Building on the success of this Veterans' Day program, the students and faculty plan to carry on the tradition in years to come.

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