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Jump Back in Time Gilded Age (1878-1889)
Thomas Edison's Electric Lamp Patent Drawing and Claim [Incandescent Light Bulb]
Thomas Edison's electric lamp patent drawing and claim for the incandescent light bulb

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First Public Demonstration of Edison's Light Bulb
December 31, 1879

Edison did not work on creating the incandescent electric light alone. He was assisted by Francis Upton, a 26-year-old graduate of Princeton University with a master's degree in science. Upton provided the mathematical and theoretical expertise that Edison lacked. In October 1879, they produced a bulb with a platinum filament. But platinum was too expensive, so instead they found that a carbon filament provided a good light at a cheaper price. Although there were problems with the early incandescent lighting systems for years, Edison's reputation as the world's greatest inventor was firmly established.
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