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Jump Back in Time Gilded Age (1878-1889)
A photo of the Black Maria
The Black Maria, the first motion picture studio, 1893

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Thomas Edison Patented the Kinetoscope
August 31, 1897

All the earliest movies were short because their creators, like Edison, didn't think people would stand the "flickers" for more than 10 minutes. The kinetoscope, which could only be viewed by one person at a time, was soon replaced by screen projectors, which showed the movie to a whole room of people at once.

Wanting to film a great number of motion pictures, Edison and his assistant W.K.L. Dickson designed the Black Maria, the first movie studio, completed in 1893. Its name is the slang for a police paddy wagon, which the studio was said to resemble. Could you watch the "flickers" for more than 10 minutes?

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