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Jump Back in Time The New Nation (1790-1828)
Henry Clay
Henry Clay, designer of the Missouri Compromise

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Missouri Became the 24th State
August 10, 1821

Under the Missouri Compromise of 1820, designed by statesman Henry Clay, Missouri entered the Union as a slave state, and Maine entered as a free state, thus keeping the number of slave and non-slave states equal at 12 each.

John F. Smith recalled in an interview an incident when Jayhawkers, a group opposed to slavery, came to his house in 1861. One of the Jayhawkers threatened to shoot his father, a Missouri slave owner.

". . . (then) we heard a shout and looked up the road . . . The man dropped his gun to his side, when Judge Myers rode up he was shaking his head and his eyes were blazing fire . . . All the Jayhawkers turned around and sulked off like whipped dogs."

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