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Jump Back in Time Progressive Era (1890-1913)
Young woman riding burro.
Bly might have ridden a burro like this young woman did

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Nellie Bly Circled the Globe
January 25, 1890

Have you read the book Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne? The hero of the book, Phileas T. Fogg, travels around the globe in precisely 80 days. Bly, born Elizabeth Cochrane, said she could do it in less time. Bly traveled by ship, train, jinrikisha (a seat on wheels pulled by a man), sampan (a small riverboat), horse, and donkey to make it. Her newspaper carried daily articles about her journey and offered a trip to Europe to the person who could come closest to guessing her finish time. The paper received nearly 1 million entries and sold more copies than ever before.
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