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Jump Back in Time Progressive Era (1890-1913)
Public Tax Worker, Washington, D.C., 1936.
This taxman in Washington, D.C., 1936, is working hard

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Tax Day
April 15, 1913

Homer S. Cummings, Chairman of the Democratic National Committee during the administration of President Woodrow Wilson, counted the income tax as among the most notable accomplishments of the Democratic Party. The funds raised from it have been used for running many parts of the government. How much one pays depends on yearly earnings and certain deductions. Collecting and figuring taxes employs many people such as the staff of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), accountants, and this public tax worker, who was working hard back in 1936.

Ask your parents how they file their income tax return. But you might want to wait a day or two--they may be busy trying to make the deadline!

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