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Jump Back in Time Reconstruction (1866-1877)
Ute Indian Camp, Garden of the Gods, Shan Kive
The Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute people were early inhabitants of Colorado

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Colorado Became a State
August 1, 1876

Among the early inhabitants were Native Americans, the Anasazi (the "ancient ones," pronounced a-ne-'sa-ze) cliff dwellers. They lived high on the mountainous stone plateaus of Mesa Verde until the late 1200s. Most people believe the Anasazi left because of drought and other extreme conditions, some of which are still mysteries. You can visit the remains of these cliff dwellings today. The Spanish and the French explored the area before the U.S. combined property into the Colorado Territory in 1861. By that time the population of settlers was already growing rapidly. Why?
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