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Jump Back in Time Reconstruction (1866-1877)
Destroyed by Fire Night of October 8, 1871
Peshtigo, Wisconsin, was destroyed by fire on October 8, 1871

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Fire in the Midwest
October 8, 1871

A deadly fire spread that night through the states of Michigan and Wisconsin. Vast tracts of forest burned for a week. When the wind increased and shifted direction, fire fighters were unable to control the flames any longer.

Many of the towns in the Midwest were built from the surrounding woods. Within hours, several cities and towns, including Peshtigo, Holland, Manistee and Port Huron burned to the ground. At least 1,200 people died as a result of the fire. Nearly half the fatalities occurred in Peshtigo, Wisconsin. That same night, the Great Chicago Fire erupted in nearby Illinois.

What are some precautions you have been taught that prevent fires?

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