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Jump Back in Time Depression & WWII (1929-1945)
Aerial view of Hoover Dam, in Black Canyon, on the Colorado River, on the Nevada-Arizona line, ca. 1940-1960.
The final resultů.a technological work of art

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The Hoover Dam Produces Electricity
October 9, 1936

The Hoover Dam tamed the wild Colorado River, supplied electricity to people in the West, and provided jobs to many others. However, there were disagreements about what to call the dam. Some people called it the Boulder Dam. Others called it the Hoover Dam. In 1947, Congress settled the question by officially deciding to name it the Hoover Dam. (Herbert Hoover was the thirty-first president.)

Although building it was dangerous and hard work, many people saw the huge concrete dam as a source of hope. What other great accomplishments could you compare this to?

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