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Jump Back in Time Depression & WWII (1929-1945)
Mary Louise Stepan, 21, used to be a waitress. She has a brother in the air corps.
A young woman with a brother in the air corps works in a factory in 1942

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June 6, 1944

During the Second World War, Germany, Italy and Japan were our enemies. The war effort involved thousands of men and women, both fighting abroad and working at home around the clock to build weapons and machines and to raise money. Food, metal, and gasoline were rationed during this time. Ordinary people grew "victory gardens" and saved everything from tin foil to hairpins.

America's involvement in the war lasted a long time--from 1941 to 1945--so music and movies at the time were often about the war. Because so many men were fighting as soldiers, many women worked in factories. Ask your parents or grandparents whether they remember seeing posters from the wartime, like Rosie the Riveter.

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