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See, Hear and Sing Buckaroos

A screen shot from 'Roundup: Gathering the Herd.'

A scene from "Roundup: Gathering the Herd"

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Buckaroos Round Up the Herd
The life of the buckaroo has changed a lot over the years, but the main focus is still the cattle. Buckaroos learn how to work with cows by watching older buckaroos and imitating the way they work. The basic buckaroo skills include riding, using a rope correctly, baling hay during the summer, and mending fences. One of the main tasks of the buckaroo is the roundup--locating the cattle on the range and driving them back to the ranch. What sorts of techniques do you think the buckaroos use to roundup the cattle?
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VIDEO CREDIT: Smock, William H. and Carl Fleischhauer filmmakers; and Stewart, Leslie J, narrator. "Roundup: Gathering the Herd [16mm film]." Date Recorded 79/10/02-4. Buckaroos in Paradise: Ranching Culture in Northern Nevada, 1945-1982, Library of Congress.