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See, Hear and Sing Buckaroos
Returning at the end of the afternoon's work, 1978.
A cowboy returning at the end of the afternoon's work, 1978

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Buckaroos Round Up the Herd
Buckaroos have to pay attention to a lot of things as they round up the cattle. They have to keep the cows moving along without injury and reunite calves with their mothers when they get separated.

A rancher by the name of Leslie Stewart, from the 96 Ranch in Nevada, says that the essential skill needed by a buckaroo is "judgment." Good judgment leads to another important trait, the ability to be at "the right place at the right time" when riding and working. A good cowhand or buckaroo needs to be alert at all times, as the task of leading a herd back to the ranch can be a tricky one.

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